Success Package: 12 Months of Intuitive Counseling


12 months of intuitive counseling is a dedicated program for individuals focused on long term results. If you want to make a deep commitment to your happiness and healing, these packages should be seen as a program that you invest in for real results and real success. Includes kundalini yoga kriyas and 1:1 coaching calls as well as tarot sessions and unlimited text readings.



Are you committed to your path? If the answer is yes, this package offers incredible value because you will develop an unshakable foundation of personal freedom. The tools offered in this package will be matched with consistency, support, accountability and dedication. In other words, we will be focused on results. Whether you are looking for a specific outcome in your health, relationships, work, environment or all the above, purchasing this package means that you are purchasing a commitment to yourself. You are making the decision to move fully and completely towards your highest ideals and dreams.

Package Includes:

  • 48 tarot readings. 1 x a week
  • 24 coaching calls. 2 x a month
  • 24 kriyas. 2 x a month
  • unlimited text readings

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