Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

It’s undeniable that after the practice – one feels great! Kundalini yoga is a blend of physical postures, breathing, movement, stretching, meditation, mantra and relaxation. It activates the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, expands the lung capacity, and purifies the bloodstream. Both safe and effective, it brings balance to the body, mind and soul, and can be practiced by almost anyone, regardless of age, fitness, occupation and experience. Techniques can be used anytime, anywhere to create sustained internal peace!


Guess what? There are so many benefits to the practice. Check em out!

Health Benefits for Chronic Pain & Illness
• Alleviate Symptoms of Disease and Side Effects of Medications
• Increase Body Comfort
• Energize the Body and Beat Fatigue
• Boost Immunity
• Develop Relaxation Techniques
• Release Tension, Trauma and Shock
• Reduce Negative Thoughts and Improve Positive Outlook
• Calm Mental Distress from Illness and Pain
• Soothe Acute Stress, Appease Anger, Resolve Grief, Foster Inner Peace
• Find Joy in a Positive Relationship with Your Body
• Manage Illness with Grace and Dignity

Energize the Body to Overcome Anxiety & Depression
• Eliminate or Reduce Need for Medications
• Balance Hormones Naturally
• Reset the Nervous System
• Improve Sleep Patterns
• Manage Fear, Anger, Self-harming Thoughts, and Depression
• Find and Amplify your Personal Power to Consciously Create your Life

Health Benefits For Women
• Balance Hormones Naturally
• Develop a Healthy Menstrual Cycle
• Enhance Sexual Wellness and Satisfaction
• Build Strength, Balance and Grace in the Body
• Tone Muscles
• Enjoy a Whole Body Approach to Weight Management
• Improve Sleep Patterns
• Calm the Mind, Ease Stress, Soothe Emotions
• Renew Personal Passion and Drive
• Enhance Mental Focus and Clarity
• Perfect for Any Body and Ability
• Become a Peaceful Warrior Capable of Handling the Pressures of Life

Health Benefits For Seniors
• Increase Joint Movement and Flexibility
• Decrease Body Tension and Pain
• Lower Blood Pressure
• Increase Blood Circulation
• Improve Lung Function
• Boost Immunity
• Improve Digestion
• Restore Healthy Sleep
• Calm the Mind and Overcome Depression
• Enhance Focus, Clarity, and Memory
• Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Conquer Addiction
What characterizes an addiction? Quite simply this: you no longer feel that you have the choice to stop. ~ Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

Reclaim your personal power and overcome addiction to alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, co-dependency and other addictive behaviours and negative habits!

• Substitute self-destructive addictions with healthy habits to create healing and personal transformation
• Develop personal discipline and self-compassion for success and recovery
• Return to wholeness to deepen your self-worth and restore well-being for yourself NOW
• Rebuild and strengthen the nervous system taxed and degraded by addiction and stress
• Detoxify the body and balance hormones and body chemistry naturally
• Consciously create personal power and sustained inner peace
• Reclaim purpose and life passion

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