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The psychic readings offered through intuitive counselor are healing sessions. This is a unique and personalized experience that I would like to describe in this post. Traditional counseling leverages behavioural neuroscience and applies theoretical methods to change “problematic” behaviours, feelings, and thoughts, often by uncovering the unconscious meaning and motivation behind them. Intuitive counseling offers healing sessions. Healing sessions are basically a facilitation from a psychic medium in helping you to recognize the light of your very own being. It is this light that can then open the gateway of awareness for a situation, ailment or question to connect with it’s true source. From this springs forth healing!

A healing session focuses on the spiritual body. We tap into the blue print of the body’s source and open the sensitive space of this energetic field, allowing it to uncover it’s inherent perfection. It is from this space of wholeness and completeness that we are able to, as a team, uncover key self-sabotaging patterns. Many of these patterns will be collective, ancestral and not necessarily something we “created” for ourselves, but rather inherited. The support, expertise and assistance available from intuitive counselor is immense.

Experts, first and foremost are trained and certified kundalini yoga facilitators. This means that they’ve mastered yogic philosophy to control the central nervous system which is responsible for neural pathways in the brain. Neural pathways determine which signals are being sent to the emotional body, how we make decisions and also determines our stress response, creates new cells and governs our beliefs. Additionally, your expert is an energy healer. This means that they have the ability to see clearly, hear clearly, know clearly and feel clearly. Typically, this is referred to as a psychic medium. Additionally, the use or oracles and tarot does much more than tell you your fortune or predict the future; rather, our trained expert provides these readings for you to open your life to extraordinary possibilities. Readings offer clear and ACCURATE guidance for your life; they offer a map of where you’ve been, where you are now and where you are heading. This gives you a closer and deeper sense of trust.

If you’re ready to commit 100% to your healing and recovery, I recommend you start off with one of the many packages listed on the site. You will receive personalized 1:1 session that will prepare you for what’s coming your way and attune you to the areas of your life that need extra attention. You will receive the answers you need regarding the past, present and future, but you’ll also be able to navigate your pathway. Each reading opens the possibility for you to use your free will and alter the course of your destiny in any way that you choose.

There are other ways to get started on your healing journey if you’re not 100% ready to move forward with a package. As a first time client, you are eligible for a free text card reading. Just fill out the form on the website to request your reading. Another alternative is to go ahead a jump into a tarot session. This is a great option for anyone who is stuck or struggling with an issue that they need clarity with. What about those that already know the exact issue they have? Whether it’s a physical ailment like migraines or indigestion, recovering from grief from an event like death or heartbreak, or maybe you’re just ready to attract more abundance on your path? I highly recommend signing up for a kundalini kriya 40-day sadhana. You will receive a kundalini yoga kriya through an in person, youtube or skype session. During this session, you will be opened to deep levels of insight, guidance, and healing. Following our private session, you will have the option to continue an independent 40-day sadhana, which is a consecutive practice of the kriya for 40 days for even deeper levels of transformation or healing. I will explain the benefits of this in our private class. I will also have a separate blog post on this shortly.

So, no matter where you are in your healing journey, I would like to invite you to work with an intuitive counseling expert for your psychic reading in Sedona or online. I also offer phone consultations, skype sessions, and long-distance healing.


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